About Litecoin Faucet

This website was created in order to spread awareness about the benefits of using Litecoin crypto-currency. We offer small amounts of Litoshis or LTC for free to our visitors and no sign-up or account registration is required.

The only thing necessary to receive your LTC is a FaucetPay account. FaucetPay is a trusted 3rd-party micro-payment processor that is ideal for free Litecoin faucets and earning sites. You can accumulate your winnings from Litecoin Faucet into FaucetPay and withdraw straight to your Litecoin Wallet or app.

Why use Litecoin

There are some great features with Litecoin that make it a wonderful secondary crypto-currency to use alongside Bitcoin. We never claimed that Litecoin is better than Bitcoin, but each have their own advantages like Gold and Silver are complimentary to eachother.


Litecoin Advantages

2nd oldest Crypto

  • iconHigh Liquidity
  • icon10+ Years old
  • iconMass Acceptance
  • iconInnovative


  • iconLow Fees
  • iconFast Confirmations
  • iconOn all Exchanges

How Faucets work

Faucets are websites that give away crypto for free to users. This term comes from a water faucet that drips slowly over time. There are many different types of faucets that utilize various systems to distribute crypto to users. Some of these methods are direct to wallet faucets, earning from click ads, completing offers, taking surveys and more.

There have been websites that give away free crypto since Bitcoin first launched over 10 years ago. The first Bitcoin faucets were giving out 5+ BTC for free. At the time it was considered worthless, but any free crypto is good crypto. This is a great way to get started without investment and these small amounts can really add up over time.


We have created one of the best Litecoin affiliate programs for our users. Receive 25% commission for life for every user referred to LitecoinFaucet.com plus receive instant litecoin referral commissions straight to your FaucetPay account which can be withdrawn immediately.

All you have to do is add your Litecoin address linked to FaucetPay at the end of our referral link below. No account registration or sign-up required to promote our referral program.


You can track referral payments through your FaucetPay Dashboard by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. You will see referral payments from LITECOIN FAUCET in the list.